Chain Slings

Effect of Temp. on Chains slings

Slings used at elevated temperatures. Sometimes Grade 80 slings may have to he used in conditions where the chain is subjected to higher temperature. The table below gives a general guideline of reduction in working load limit at elevated temperature.We do not recommend the use of chain slings above 4000C

Important Instructions:


Select correct size of sling for the load, taking into account the included angle possibility of unequal loading in case of Multi-Leg Slings"

Multi-leg slings.

Ensure that chain slings are not twisted,

Ensure the load is fully supported in the bowl of the hook, not on tip.

Avoid snatch or sudden loads.

Get your slings inspected by competent person at reqular intervals

Keep register for all slings in use.


Leave slings on the floor when not in use. Hang them on hook.

Use sling over sharp corners without protective padding.

Trap the sling under a load.

Use slings which are torn, bent, corroded, locked, stretched or damaged.

Knot a chain.

Heat treat grade 80 slings. This is unnecessary & could he dangerous.